Welcome to SHISENAN ! Enjoy our authentic SOBA

SOBA is a type of Japanese traditional thin noodle made from
SOBAKO, buckwheat flour, and water. SOBAKO is harvested
mainly in spring, summer,and autumn, but, the tastes and
flavors vary according to Japan's four seasons.

Here, at SHISENAN, our talented chef is always committed to carefully
selecting the finest ingredients and delicately preparing every dish with
a Japanese stone mortar.

Your dining experience at SHISENAN will be satisfying in four ways;
"TORITATE"with our freshly homemade SOBA.

Located in the middle of a cozy Meguro residentialarea, no matter
what the season is, visitors to SHISENAN are sure to be
captivated by the colors and fragrances from
the peaceful Japanese garden.

6-6-3 Shimo Meguro Meguro-ku,Tokyo Japan
Tel: +81 3 3712 8555
Daily 11.45am & 6pm-8.30pm,
closed on Monday & Tuesday

Situated at Meguro, a quiet town away from central Tokyo, Shisenan has served excellent quality soba and small dishes meant for pairing with sake for hundreds of years. While most soba shops make their noodles with some amount of flour, Shisenan prides itself on using only 100 per cent pure soba (buckwheat) to yield springy, flavoursome noodles that are without peer. Their small dishes are equally simple and pure, like a grilled miso with tofu that slips down the throat easily between slips of sake. The restaurant opens at 11.45am for lunch and closes when the food sells out. Dinner is by reservation only.